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Ditch The Wheat And Lose Weight

There was an article featured in Prevention Guide recently titled -Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight - I bought the magazine and got the skinny (pardon the pun, couldn't help it:) on their seven super group foods to banish the wheat belly and bad foods. They claim you can lose 10 lbs in 14 days and that it is not a gimmick. A wheat belly diet plan makes sense in this gluten free journey and it is important to incorporate it and understand the food group choices along with the amount of servings that are daily recommended.

I have to say I agree, as I mentioned in the article Celiac Disease that my lower abdomen started deflating due to less inflammation. I believe too that by avoiding gluten it has the added bonus of losing weight, combined with a deflating wheat belly and looking a lot less puffy. I will admit by cooking cup cakes and taste testing of course :) I have gained some weight back, but I know now that my swollen look and feel was due to gluten and a wheat belly. I want to mention this reminder that baking gluten free sweets is FUN BUT...you can gain weight gluten or no gluten due to calorie consumption. 

State-Journal.com - George Will - Willful Denial - The State Journal


With wheat and soybean prices rising this summer to new heights, and wheat prices soaring once again, the world is dangerously close to its third food crisis in five years.

Now when I bake I try to only sample a small bit or I cut the cup cake in half and save the other half for another day. The great thing about cup cakes is they freeze great. So I am back on the right road of losing some weight and losing the wheat belly. Lets get back to the Prevention Guide article, "Lose the wheat, Lose the weight."

They mention by eliminating wheat you will limit your calories by 350 a day. Wow I did not know that, those calories will certainly add up to a slimmer you in no time. Here are

their Seven Super Food Groups :

Healthy fats, Avocados, Oils ~ One or Two servings a day: Two fats to concentrate on are monounsaturated or MUFAS, healthy oils found in olives,nuts, and seeds, avocados, and even chocolate ( works for me!) These are fat burning fats.

Vegetables, spinach, and other leafy stuff ~ Three servings a day: Packed with super nutrients, elevate mood, protect the heart and your eyes by gobbling up the greens. The article points out that researchers from New York surveyed more then 2,000 dieters those that felt the fullest and lost the most ate 4 or more servings a day. Leafy green veges are packed with Folate (vitamin B). Dieters in one study showed 8 times as much weight lost because they had the highest level of Folate.

Lean meats and Turkey ~ Two servings a day: We need basic building blocks, eggs and meat are great sources. If you want a dramatic body transformation where your muscles are stronger and more defined then incorporate the right proteins in your diet. It takes more energy to digest protein. Usually It takes 25 calories of protein to burn 100 compared to 10- 15 for carbs and fats. The more protein you consume the more calories you burn! I like that idea, I'm gonna turn into a protein eating machine. Giggles..

Fruits and Berries ~ Three servings a day fresh or frozen: Most have heard that fiber is the way to go. Berries are an excellent source of roughage. Berries pack a big nutrient punch. The more colorful your diet the healthier you are eating. I need to warn that with berries you get a lot of seeds and if you struggle with Diaverticulitis like 'Momma D' then be careful that it does not cause you problems.

BoulderWeekly.com - Could consumer choice spell the end for GMOs

http://www.boulderweekly.com/Jun 2012

So despite assurances from the US government that GMO corn, wheat and soy were safe, citizens all across the EU demanded that GMOs be either outlawed altogether, or at least labeled properly in all food products containing them so that consumers could retain their right to choose whether or not to eat them EU politicia...

Nuts and Seeds ~At least one serving a day: Nuts can take away hunger. Another fact I learned recently. They contain disease fighting vitamins and are monounsaturated. Mix and match nuts to get even more added benefits. Walnuts are higher then salmon in omega 3 fatty acids. Hazel nuts contain the muscle building amino acid arginine.. Almonds, and sunflower seeds are full of vitamin E. The Journal Of Nutrition says you can snack on raw nuts without worrying about gaining weight because the body does not absorb all the fats in nuts.

Eggs and Dairy ~ Two to four servings a day: Eggs are the most nutrient dense food known to man/woman. A study from the International Journal of Obesity found that people who ate a breakfast of eggs ( yolks and everything) instead of a bread product (bagels, toast, etc.) for 5 weeks lost more weight with no effect on their triglycerides and cholesterol! I prefer eating an egg in the mornings, all the more reason to get back to that soon. Milk is good for your body.

MSNBC.com - Both sides of GMO fight at Wash. Senate hearing - Technology & science - NBC News - Science

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/Feb 15

Some wheat growers, in particular, raised concerns that genetically modified wheat could destroy their exports to the Pacific Rim. "I farmed all these years just fine without any GMOs. But I cannot farm without my markets," said Tom Stahl, 58, a wheat grower in Douglas County, who favors the initiative.

I have found for me that I do better with nonfat dried powdered goats milk that I make up. I put it into my tea/coffee instead of creamer. Goats milk has an added benefit as a beautifier to the face and neck. I take powdered goats milk with purified water and pour into a bowl and mix it around into a paste, you can add Bentonite clay too and then mix into a paste and apply to the face. Let it stay on as long as you can stand it, then wipe off and your skin will glow..I love it. Ok lets get back on track with the dairy portion of the super food groups.

The calcium in dairy lowers your blood pressure a Harvard Medical Study found that people who ate three servings of dairy daily were 60% less likely to be overweight. According to a report in the Archives Of Internal Medicine experts believe 77% of Americans are vitamin D deficient and a vitamin D deficiency can make it harder to lose weight. One of my tests revealed recently that I was very vitamin D deficient so I take 5000 IUs now.

Wheat: The UNhealthy Whole Grain-Part 1

Dr. William Davis, author of the NY Times Bestseller, Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight and Find Your Path Back to Health, explains why the wheat of today is not the wheat of yesterday and why it has become so destructive to health. It ain...

Genetically modified wheat

http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetically modified wheat

techniques have attempted to make wheat insect resistant more disease ... transgenic wheat would introduce DNA changes in humans that no one ...

Legumes ~ At least one serving a day: Anything that grows inside a pod is considered a legume. I love, love legumes. The majority of my meals have legumes in it. I am the legume lady :) Peanuts, beans, lentils, peas, and edamame(num). Consider these items as little weight loss pills. When you pop one in your mouth you are getting closer to your goal weight. Another study showed that people who consumed 3/4 of a cup a day of beans daily weighed 6.6 lbs less then people who don't, even though the bean consumers ate 199 more calories a day. Thats a good reason right there to 'rock on' with your bean consumption. Journal Of American College discovered that people who ate beans everyday had a smaller waist size and lower blood pressure. Edamame makes a delicious snack choice. I love the silky flavor of the seed pods with Himalayan Sea Salt.

We hope you have enjoyed this wheat belly review and come away with greater understanding and that you will "Ditch the wheat and lose weight" getting rid of that wheat belly for good - A gluten free diet has so many benefits for your health, here's to a happy and healthier new you!


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