Gluten Free Tips, Tricks, And Short Cuts For The Kitchen

~11 Steps To Get Your Gluten Free Kitchen In Order ~

You've just gotten some relief being diagnosed knowing your symptoms will soon subside 'IF' you apply a gluten free lifestyle. Here is where gluten free tips, tricks, and short cuts can really help. Momma 'D' could have thrown her hands up in the air and quit when she realized the large amount of effort and work it would take just to decide where to begin and what to do first.

She fought a feeling of utter chaos and won. Being organized will save you many heartaches and tears. We know you are not feeling 100% right now but when your kitchen and pantry is set up that will put you on the right road to a healthier future. So lets get started :

~ 11 Steps to get your gluten free kitchen in order~

Clean out your cabinets and pantry-

Put gloves on first and bring into your kitchen a large clean empty trash can to use for anything that doesn't fall into the other two categories. In one area put things that are sealed and reusable, now designate another spot for give away ( neighbors, family, friends, charity) Nothing is too extreme when you are going through your cabinets, do not feel guilty by having to get rid of food that is similar to poison in your body. Be aggressive this will be your hardest purge but it is so important for your overall health.

Wash your cabinets / pantry shelves -

Put a bandana around your nose and mouth and tie behind your head(to avoid cross contamination), put your gloves on and use a soap that contains OXY clean in it to wash down all shelves and inside cabinet walls, dry with paper towels.

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An unused magazine file holder can be used in your pantry to hold and organize (vertically) foil, plastic wrap, wax paper, etc. An old wall mounted magazine rack can be used to hold extra towels in your bathroom or guest room. You can drip old candle wax into a bottle cap and add a wick for an instant tea light.

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Organize shelves-

Get rid of all flours containing gluten and put gluten free flours sealed in the same location. Group GF flours together in their sealed containers on one shelf, keep spices at eye level , cereals cold/ hot Canned goods, paper goods on the bottom shelf

Clean out refrigerator-

Good time to pull that trash can close to the fridge. Go through all your shelves and toss out anything which contains gluten. Look through your salad dressings and condiments carefully for hidden gluten and designate to trash, or give away.

Make a gluten free basics grocery list -

Write down your go - to snacks, things you love to munch on. Buy an all purpose gluten free flour mix 5-10 lbs to begin with. Do an inspection of the label of your gf flour before you purchase to make sure the flour binders such as guar gums, xanthum gums etc. have been added.You might be asking yourself,"Why does that matter?" Well the binders are the most expensive part of the mix. You don't want to buy your flour only to find out you need to add the most expensive part.

On a separate piece of paper write down the meals you will make for the week and add to the grocery list the ingredients needed for those meals.

Get rid of pots and pans-

Time to dig down deep in all your cupboards to look at your pots and pans very carefully to see if you find scratches cracks or burns. Throw out ANYTHING that has damage to it. Gluten can get into those cracks, scratches and burns. You don't want to go through all this effort only to hang onto your pans and still feel ill. I know it is hard but the price of new pots and pans is much cheaper then going back and forth to the Dr./Specialists for more tests, medications etc. Blah!

Get rid of all your usable plastic keepers-

Same issue with your plastic items anything that shows scratches or damage needs to be tossed in the trash. Time to just get new ones if you can afford it.

Make sure your dishwasher is in good working order -

Keeping your dishes, glasses, and cookware extra clean with a dishwasher is very important. Many of the newer models have a sanitation cycle which is good to run often. A dishwasher in good working order will keep you and your family healthier.

Get rid of small appliances-

I know another hard step to do but anything that had or has crumbs in it such as waffle iron, toaster, toaster oven, chopping boards, etc. needs to be donated or given away. Start fresh with maybe one small appliance and add monthly a new one if you need to keep costs down. Keep in mind If you continue to use your old small appliances you will probably remain feeling sick.

Trip to the grocery store-

Go right to the grocery store manager and ask if they have a floor-plan of where they keep all their gluten free items. One of the most important things to have in your cupboard is

gluten free flour, so don't leave the grocery store without it. You can purchase these in boxes individually for bread machines like 'Momma D' does already to go or you can make a big batch up and store it in big container and scoop your gluten free flour out as needed for recipes.

When you see the gluten free items on the grocery store shelf you might notice a lot of packaged cookies and sweet things. Keep in mind those items are loaded with calories just because it says gluten free does not make it calorie free.

Make a big mix of gluten free flour up-

Yipee skipee this is the  last step listed here and we feel making up a big batch of gluten free flour is so important. You need the freedom to know you can bake anytime you feel like it because you can just scoop out what you need for your favorite family recipe. Congratulations, I know it was hard but remember you will never have to go through this list again once completed. Hurry! Its time to pour yourself some ice tea and feel great about one day down on your road to healing.

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