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Ready to try some healthy delicious gluten free main dishes?

 Beef & Biscuit

This is one of our favorite meals. The crumbled meat mixture surrounded by biscuit then topped off with a mouth watering topping spells a meal with no left overs.

We know we'll hear back from you all on this one. We've got to step out and work on some gluten free chocolate fudge cupcakes now.


Dee  and 'Momma D'

P.S. (We will be adding gluten free recipes weekly while working on this site. Thank you for your patience through this building process :)

Gluten Free-Yes I

Chili Rellenos

We have to admit we LOVE spicy food but don't let that discourage you if you do not, because this recipe incorporates whole green chili's which is considered mild. It will give you a little kick but not a shove :)


Mild Green Chilies - You can use fresh or canned (I use canned chilis), careful to take seeds out without ruining them. They need to remain as whole as possible. If you use fresh then wash, put under a broiler till skin blisters, put into a bag to "sweat" the chili then peel the skins off. 

Baking Powder- A pinch

Sea Salt- A pinch

Gluten free flour - Used to dust the outside of chilies lightly.

4 Eggs - Seperate egg whites in mixing bowl, egg yolks in smaller bowl

Montery jack cheese - You can use mexican cheese too. Cut it up in long slim rectangles

Vegetable oil or Crisco - Enough to get a good size frying pan going


Starting with the canned mild green chilis,unfold them out of the can and rinse with water carefully, dry with paper towels. remove the visible seeds. carefully slice into the side of chili and add your grated or pieces of cheese. Dust the chilis with gluten free flour. Put chilis in the fridge to get cold.

Seperate your eggs with the egg whites going into your big mixing bowl and egg yolks going into smaller bowl. Whip egg whites first with a pinch of baking soda and a pinch of sea salt. Whip until you have hard peaks when you take the mixing paddle out.

Mix egg yolks together and fold them carefully, gently just to turn into egg whites. Pull the cold cheese filled chillis out of the fridge and drop

individually into the egg mixture. Coat then heat your frying pan with the oil until a piece of egg white turns a golden color, then you know your pan is ready.

Drop only two at a time in frying pan that way you have better control of them. In less then 5 minutes they should be good to flip to the other side. Scoop them out and put onto a paper towel lined dish, lightly salt them with sea salt.

 ~ We like to serve them with salsa and guacamole ~

Scalloped Potatoes  

Make sure all products you use are Gluten Free


• 4 - 6 washed Potatoes

1 Cup chopped Onions  

2 Cups Milk

1 Tbs Butter                                                     

1/4 Cup Parsley (I use dry)

1/2 tsp Salt (I use sea salt)

1 – 2 tsp Black or White Pepper

       (salt and pepper as your family prefers)                       

• 2 Cups Shredded Cheddar Cheese

• 1 Cup Jack Cheese

• 2 - 3 Tbs Gluten Free Flour (I used King Arthur)

* For best results slice Potatoes and soak in cold water   while you prepare other ingredients.

* In a non-stick pan add • Milk • ButterSalt

       Parsley • Pepper • and Cheese

*  Heat until the mixture is melted and blended nicely.

*  I Layer the potatoes and onions in a greased baking dish or pan, then I add the melted cheese.  It’s nice to top it off with a bit more cheese so the top browns.  They are so delicious.    

*  Bake at 350 degrees for 65-70 minutes.


 Gluten Free Creme Brulee' Toffee Ice Cream!

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